Garnier Green Tea Hydra Bomb Tissue Face Mask – Review

Hey! luvly ladies. Experimenting with beauty products was not my cup of tea as it needed a lot of efforts. Hence I usually stick to the products that suit my skin type and are easy to apply. When it comes to facial or spa, I was always dependent on salons yet I always wanted to try new products on my own.

Recently, I have purchased the Green Tea Hydra Bomb Tissue Face Mask from Garnier from and I chose it because I had read somewhere that, green tea can do wonders on our skins. I have seen many YouTubers and celebrities using these tissue masks and I wondered why they were so crazy about those. But as soon as I applied it, I could figure out the magic.

Garnier Green Tea Tissue Hydra Bomb Face Mask - 2















The mask had a soothing effect and moreover, it was pretty easy to apply as you just need to peel and put it over your face for 15 minutes. The mask contained a gel that gets absorbed by your face and after 15 minutes, boom!!! you have a smooth and hydrated face without having any mess. All you need is to wipe off the gel with a face wipe or a cotton pad.

Garnier Green Tea Tissue Hydra Bomb Face Mask















I’m absolutely satisfied with Garnier Green Tea Hydra Bomb Face Mask. If you are interested to try it, please follow and buy it from I would like to try more face masks in the future. So, if you have any recommendations from your experience, please do comment down below.



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