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Hi ladies. This is my first restaurant review though I had posted some mini reviews on my social media platforms.



I and my husband are hardcore fans of Indian cuisine particularly Malabari cuisine (In UAE, Keralites are known as Malabaris). The most renowned Malabari food is the Malabari biryani. We have almost tried a wide range of biryani and still drool at it.

Thakkaram is a new restaurant opened at Abu Shagara, Sharjah. The word ‘ Thakkaram ‘ stands for a ceremony in Muslim marriages in Malabar regions where bride and bridegrooms have been treated with delicious dishes. As the name implies, Thakkaram restaurant serves wide varieties of Kerala cuisines and of course the biryani.

We were greeted at the entrance by a luvly lady who dressed up in a Malabari Muslim outfit and followed by a traditional truck.

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The ambience at Thakkaram was calm and the interior decor was splendid. They have got enough space to accommodate families who have more members, and also there were seats for couples.

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We had already planned what we would be trying from Thakkaram. We have already had chicken, mutton, fish and meat biryanis and the fish biryani is my favourite. Hence we decided to try a new kind of biryani called Kaada biryani.


Kaada Biryani From Thakkaram Restaurant Sharjah













Kaada means quail bird in Malayalam and there is a phrase called “eating one quail is equal to eating 1000 chicken” because of its nutritional values.


Like I said above, although we had tried several Malabari biryanis from different places in UAE, we had never got to taste the exact Malabari biryani. To our surprise, the Kaada biryani from Thakkaram was even better than the actual Malabari biryani. For your information, the Malabari biryani is served with papad, salad dressed using yoghurt, and pickles.

Yummy Malabari Kaada Biryani From Thakkaram Restaurant Sharjah













The Kaada biryani was really yummy and you should give it a try. I’m looking forward to tasting more dishes from Thakkaram and hope you will get to read more posts on Thakkaram.

If you need more restaurant reviews or if you want me to do the review of a particular restaurant, please comment down below.


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