Super Easy Energy Balls Made Of Dates And Cocoa – Recipe

Hi, my luvlies. How’s the new year and are you following the new year resolutions without any fail? I have not made any resolutions this year apart from eating healthy. So I was searching the internet and stumbled upon a YouTube video by Niomi Smart. She prepares amazing healthy foodies and I have become a huge fan of her. She is a vegan and hence all of her recipes are of low calories and are super healthy. Here I share the recipe of energy balls made of dates and nuts.


Healthy And Energy Boosting Date And Cocoa Balls Recipe
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Dates – 1 cup
Raisins – half cup
Almonds – half cup
Hazelnut – half cup
Cashew nut – half cup
Raw cocoa powder – 1 cup
Orange juice – 1 orange



Add all ingredients in a food processor and blend it well.
Make balls out of the mixture and refrigerate for half an hour before serving as to remove the stickiness.

Note: These balls are high of energy and eating more than 2 is not recommended.

Hope you liked the recipe, and it’s super easy to prepare. Try it and if you have got any other healthy recipes, do comment below.



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