Adidas Climacool Performance In Motion Anti-Perspirant For Women – Review

Guess what my recent favourite is! It’s an Antiperspirant from Adidas called Climacool Performance In Motion. I was not a big fan of Sports deodorants, and always chose creamy kind of fragrances. When I went shopping recently, I came to notice the Adidas section and decided to try the fragrances just to know how it scented. I randomly picked the Climacool and sniffed it. It was surprisingly different from what I had thought. I was expecting a sporty-strong fragrance but, it was mild and girlish. I tried another Adidas deodorant which was ‘6 in 1 CoolCare’. Both ones were having a similar texture and I liked Climacool the most.


Adidas Climacool Performance In Motion Antiperspirant















Adidas Climacool Performance In Motion deodorant is a unique formula featuring advanced fresh capsule technology, activated by movement so that harder you go the better it works. My body sweats a lot and it always bothered me. I usually apply deodorant thrice a day as I never got to see any fragrance that really lasted long. Unlike the fragrances and deodorants I used, Climacool is absolutely long lasting and has a mild and classy fragrance.

You definitely need to try Climacool Performance in motion and I’m sure that you will definitely like it. The deodorant is quite affordable and available for about $2.

Hope you liked the review and if you have already tried it, please let me know through the comments.


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