Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

As we all know, the period is a symbol of womanhood. But when we actually think about it, all we could see are the days of cramps and stains. We can somehow manage the stains, but these cramps take our lives out. Cramps occur as a result of contracting and squeezing of the uterus to throw out the impure blood. There are medicines like Advil and Aleve are available in the market, but don’t go for those because it could possibly have side effects.

There are so many natural methods with which you may get relief from the menstrual cramps. Try out these natural techniques and feel relaxed during your periods.

1. Hug a heating bag

Hot Bag For Periods Cramps Relief










Like we use the heating bag for other pain relief, gently press it over your tummy. You will definitely find some comfort.

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