Various Uses Of Olive Oil

Various Uses Of Olive Oil








Olive oil is a divine oil. If you have any doubt, you wouldn’t have known about its real features and uses. Olive oil is extracted from olives. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil followed by Italy and Greece. There are different varieties of olive oils and, according to the International Olive Council (IOC), Extra Virgin Oil is the high-quality olive oil.

Now, we will discuss the various use and advantages of Extra Virgin olive oil;

1. Healthier Option.

Olive Oil For Good Health













Replacing the cooking oil with olive oil is definitely a healthier option to as one table of olive oil is low in calories and its free from fatty acids. It is also rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Even though cooking with olive oil is good, consumption of olive oil in its raw form is the best. For example, you can add raw olive oil in salads. Having 2 tablespoons of olive oil on daily basis reduces the risk of heart diseases.

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