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Joy Film 2016 Starring Jennifer Lawrence







Joy is an American film written and directed by David.O.Russel with Jennifer Lawrence as title character Joy Mangano. Joys grandmother Mimi is the narrator of the story. Joy is a divorced woman who works with an Airlines company. She works hard to meet the daily needs. She actually has a big family containing her 2 children, a divorced mother, grandmother, and her ex-husband staying downstairs.

Joys mother, Terri, does nothing but watches the soap operas. Joys father has married thrice and divorced all, now is in love with another wealthy woman called Trudy. Joys half-sister Peggy who is in good terms with her father always destroys Joy’s joys.

The story starts with Joy’s childhood. She was an active child who always loved to make her own toys and she had the craft in her hands. She played with her friend Jackie in the snow. The misery started when Joy’s parents lost interest in their relationship. They fought with each other and it affected the child badly. Joy had to quit the craft making under the pressure of those circumstances, but her grandmother Mimi kept the things made by Joy with her. Joy continues to lead her life with suppressed frustrations, still, her best friend Jackie is with her.

Joy met her ex-husband from Jackie’s home. He is a singer, and Joy fell in his songs. The fate was not with Joy, and things change when they have their second child. They decide to separate and he continues to stay in the same apartment. Nothing makes joy happier in her life. Her father starts dating Trudy and they conduct a cruise party. Joys ex-husband ruins it by dropping wine glasses unintentionally. Joy cleans the floor but got injured with the glass pieces. She gets an idea of a special mop with which anyone can clear the floors easily. The company in which she works also complaints about her. So she decides to leave her job and start her own business by creating the special mop.

When she tells her plan, Trudy agrees to invest the capital and they give the manufacturing contract to a company in California. Now the mop has been manufactured, but joy struggles to advertise it. Here comes the role of Joy’s ex-husband. He introduces his friend, Neil Walker who is the QVC advertiser, to Joy and Neil gets impressed by her product. She manages to advertise herself on the QVC when the other anchors make fun of the mop.

The mop gets an incredible amount of buyers an overnight, but the mop manufacturer increases the cost on a daily basis. Joy refuses to pay the money but her sister Peggy visits their company in California and pays the whole amount. Mimi dies one day leaving Joy alone in her the struggle. Joy smells the betrayal when she gets to know that Peggy paid the money. She does not waste a single moment and flies to California. She tries to get back mops patent but she fails and gets into the jail.

She loses hope in her life. She cries a lot, but the decision that she takes after that changes the face and phase of her life. You can see another Joy. The climax makes the film most special. If you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, you should not miss this movie in your life. If you have watched this film, do comment your review below.



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