Complete Details About My Incomplete Fitness Journey

It’s become hard to find time to write the blog post about my fitness journey. Though I have got the best diet plan, I’m struggling to find the right exercise for me as I’ve got 30 minutes a day. My goal is to lose 6 Kg and keep my body healthy. I have just lost about 1 Kg in 2 weeks. I dance to my favourite music which is helpful in burning the body fat. I don’t think it is enough and I need to figure out something hard to burn the calories fast.

I have started my fitness journey as a result of increased body weight followed by some severe health issues. I had the same issue before and had to consult a doctor as my body sugar level was high. Below is my new diet plan which is low carb and high in protein.

1. Breakfast.

Breakfast is the important meal of the day. It should contain nutritious-rich ingredients.

Lose Weight With Oat Meal With Apples For Breakfast











I use to have a black tea without sweeteners after the breakfast.

a. Oatmeal (cooked using water and without sweeteners) topped with apples as ‘ an apple a day keeps the doctor away ‘.

b. Brown bread with peanut butter.


2. Lunch

My lunch contains veggies and pulses.

Lose Weight By Eating Wheat Semolina With Beans For Lunch










a. Cooked Wheat Semolina with vegetables like broccoli, beans and cucumber.

b. Wheat roti with veg curry.


3. Evening Snacks

While I leave the office and after coming home, I feel hungry. So I use to have healthy snacks.

Lose Weight By Evening Snacks Containing Milk Tea And Banana With Nuts










a. Fruits like melons before leaving office.

b. Milk tea without sugar with banana and some nuts. The milk helps in getting a good sleep.


4. Dinner

Dinner should be a light meal and of low carbs. For dinner, I use to grab a salad bowl or a roti with veg curry.

Lose Weight By Eating Fruits And Veggies For Dinner










In between these meals, I use to snack on fruits and veggies so that I don’t feel hungry.

Eat Healthy Snacks Like Cucumber With Hummus To Lose Wight










I know that my fitness journey is not complete and I need to work on the exercise part as it is inconsistent. I will update more about my fitness journey on my next blog post. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please let me know. I wish you all have healthy lives.




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