A Shopping Failure – Story Time

Hello there, my luvlyladies. Have you ever felt depressed on a shopping failure? I have. I use to feel miserable when I see a wonderful thing yet I don’t have enough cash to buy it or despite the fact that I have cash, however, the thing is not accessible at my place. But never felt depressed until when I had enough money and the things are available at my place but still I could not buy it.

The story occurred from one of the air terminals in India. I was returning to Dubai after a short vacation. I was with my husband and a family friend (let’s call her by Teena). Subsequent to checking in and completing the verification, we sat in the waiting room as we had almost one and half hour left for boarding. We, three, had tea and was looking around the area. It’s Teena who had the idea of shopping from the airport and shewas the first to notice the shop which sold beautiful clothes and accessories. We were sitting on the opposite side of the shop’s entrance so all we could see were clothes hung on another side of glasses. We also had a sneak peek on the prices of the dresses and to our surprise, the prices were affordable as the pricings inalmost of shopping stalls at the airport would be of international standards.


We were excited and thrilled to see the dresses and were eager to do a massive shopping. So, we went to the other side where the entrance was located but unfortunately, the way was closed. We were not disappointed as we were sure that there would obviously be another passage to reach the entrance since it’s business. No, the fate was against us as we could not find the other way. At last, we decided to ask the security and his words gave us a huge thunder in our hearts. Without any expressions on his face, he informed us that, the shopping stall was only opened for domestic travelers. Yes, we could then realize the fact by recollecting the prices. I just looked at Teena’s face and could see the same feelings on it as if I was looking at the mirror. We got convinced that it was a mere lack of fortune in our lives and returned to our seats. It’s not over! I felt more broken when I look at my husband’s face as he was laughing at me continuously for almost 5 minutes.

Have you ever felt similarly ever? or did you have a bad experience at shopping? If yes, then please do comment below.



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