An Awesome Dinner Date In Dhow Cruise – Dubai

I was really excited to know that we had got free tickets for Dhow Cruise. I and my bae were planning for months to go for a luxury Dhow Cruise dinner but somehow it did not happen. The tickets were for Dhow Cruise in Deira and for 2 hours journey (From 8:30pm – 10:30pm). I was happier that, it’s officially winter here in Dubai. There is no humidity or temperature but a cool breeze now and then.


An Awesome Dinner Date In Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek















We reached the Creekside by 8 as we were not certain of the place from where the Cruise started. The agent came after 5 minutes and welcomed us to The Cruise. It was a medium sized cruise furnished in wood and decorated with pleasant lights. We were informed to enter into the cruise through the ladders backward and couldn’t understand the reason behind it. Then my husband told me it’s because when we get down backward, there is a less chance to hit our head on the deck and we would get a grip. See how smart the people are!

We have given seats on upper deck, and compared to the lower deck it’s expensive and we could have a great view of the creek from the above. They greeted us with Kava and dates as it’s the Arabic tradition. The ambiance on the upper deck was also given an Arabic touch by decorating the pillars and table with small lanterns. They gave us juice for refreshment, just after we had been seated. One of the guards gave us safety information and instructed us how to put the life jackets in case of any accidents.


The Best Dinner Buffet In Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek















The Cruise started its journey by 8:30 pm and it was really awesome to see the view around the Creek. A slow song was there in the background. We were informed to take our food from the buffet and that was the most exciting part of the Cruise. Both Arabic and Foreign cuisines were there including rice, Kebabs, salads and lasagna. The dish made of Salmon was the most delicious one. The dessert section included Basbousa, Baklava, salted caramel pie and pastries.

The tummy was full, happy and satisfied after the dinner. Then it was time for some dance, and 15 minutes long Tanoura dance was presented by a talented dancer. We continued the sightseeing for one more hour and I had also started watching what other people did. The couple who sat opposite to us were also on a dinner date it seemed. They found quite moody at first but they weren’t actually. The couple started taking pictures of each other and to my surprise, both posed with childish gestures. Though I didn’t know them before, I was so happy to see them spending quality time together. The lady looked gorgeous in a golden gown.

We also took some pictures of us and the surroundings, and by 10:30pm, the Dhow cruise reached back. We both got tired by then and the cool breeze also made us sleepy. It was really a great experience in the Dhow Cruise and we are eagerly waiting for our next journey. You should definitely experience it once in your lifetime because it’s really awesome to travel in an open air and on the water. You can book the dinner through different websites like Groupon as they provide various offers and add-ons.


If you ever had a journey in Dhow Cruise, do comment your experience below.




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