Brida By Paulo Coelo – The Summary And Review

Brida is an Irish girl who leads a normal life. But she wants to study the knowledge about the life and this universe. She hears about a magician called Magus, who is also a wizard. She meets him and they go to the forest. Magus follows the tradition of Sun and he teaches the magic of Dark night from the forest. But she does not become satisfied and she wants to learn something more. She gets the address of Wicca, the witch, from a bookshop. She meets Wicca and she teaches Brida about soulmates and time travel. Wicca follows the tradition of the moon which has been followed by witches from the past.

Brida likes Wicca and the rituals that she teaches her. Brida learns about soulmates and time travel. She learns to recognize her soul mate through a light in his eyes and on shoulders. Brida finds the light in her boyfriend’s eyes. But she also finds the light in someone else’ eyes, and he also knows she is his soulmate. The story goes through several magical experiences and Brida makes her choice in the end.

We, ladies, should definitely read it once in our lifetime as it provides confidence to make the choices in our love life and desires. If you have ever thought like what is the purpose of your life, the answer is in this book. If you have already read this book, do comment below what you felt after reading Brida.

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