Top Interesting Youtube Channels For Ladies

Hey my luvly ladies. Are you interested in youtube videos? I know you are. There are so many Youtube channels which are entertaining as well as inspiring. People make a huge amount of money through Youtube videos and if you have any ideas that can be expressed through videos, then Youtube is an apt medium. Check ou these Youtube channels that every woman should have a look at;

1. Zoella

Zoella The Best Youtuber













Zoella channel is created and maintained by a British Youtuber called Zoe Ellizabeth Sugg. The channel has acquired over 11 million subscribers, and over 664 million views. The channel, for the most part, comprises beauty, fashion, and collaboration videos. The attractive part of this channel is her presentation. Zoe has another Youtube channel called More Zoella which includes her daily vlogs. Apart from Youtube videos, Zoe has launched a range of beauty products with brand name Zoella Beauty in the year of 2014. She also has published two books named ‘Girl Online’ and its sequel ‘Girl Online: On Tour’. She has also sung a Christmas song for a band called Band Aid 30, which is a charity group. If you are more into fashion and beauty like me, you should definitely have a look at Zoella.

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