Enjoy Summer With These Simple Life Hacks

Hey my luvly ladies, summer is here! We all know, survival in this weather is not easy. We should take care of our health and beauty properly. Check out these hacks to enjoy this summer, by withstanding heat.

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated In Summer












This the most vital thing to do all along summer. 70 to 75 percentage of the body is composed of water and also water is an important factor for all major metabolisms like blood circulation and digestion. Water will make your internal organs cool. Though you stay in air conditioned places, drink more water than you do in other seasons. Check your urine color periodically. If its thick yellow in color, you have to increase the intake of water. A major problem faced in summer season is the kidney stone. You could be easily prone to this illness unless hydrate your body well. You can consider all other fluids apart from alcohol in this process. Lack of water intake also results in skin problems.

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