Throw Pillows – A Contemporary Interior Decorating Method

Do you want to know a simple way to upgrade the beauty of your room, mainly the living room, drawing room or the bedroom? Add two or more throw pillows to your couches. It is one of the contemporary interior decorating methods.

Drawing Room

In spite of the fact that the house is a private space, itll be a smart thought to set your drawing room formal. While picking couches for the drawing room, always go for classic colours like shades of Black, White or Brown. It will be apt to include throw pillows of square size 18″x 18″ or 20″20″, and of contrast colours: for black couches, add white or off-white throw pillows, and vice versa. We can add pillows with the same colour, but contrast designs on it.

Living Room

A living room is also called a lounge or sitting room. It is the space where the homeowners and family members gather to spend time together. Living rooms should be set in a way that, we get maximum relaxation. Placing a chaise corner sofa is a good idea. We can also include recliners or ottomans. While choosing Throw pillows for Living rooms, go for funky, vibrant coloured, or with rainbow shaded designs. Dimension should be square of, and of 18″x18″ or 20″20″. Pillows with smileys also will bring joy. Use odd numbers of pillows, rather than even.

Living Room Decoration With Throw Pillows

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Throw pillows can be made at the home. We can use any fabric type for making the pillow covers, yet the best ones would be of cotton and linen. Also, we can attach zip so that it would be tightly closed, and easy to wash. Ladies, you should definitely give a try, as these simple things could create a massive increase in the beauty of your rooms.





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