Thinking Out Loud By Ed Sheeran – Music Review

Thinking Out Loud is an English song written and sung by Ed Sheeran. It is one of the singles from his album ‘X’ . He wrote the song with his friend Amy Wadge. The lyrics starts like ” When your legs wont work like they used to before”. The song explains the everlasting love. Sheeran wrote it within 20 minutes , inspired by his former girlfriend. The song is a romantic ballad. Sheeran refers it as  ” walking down the aisle song”. The song became first to be  in 40 over a year in UK. Thinking Out Loud is Ed Sheeran’s top selling song in The US . The song was made into video and got released in October 2014. The video got over 2.5 Million views on the first day. It got many favorable reviews from the music critics.

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