Thanks For The Memories – Book Review

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Thanks for the memories is a romantic novel written by Cecelia Ahern. Like her previous book, PS I Love You , the author narrates the magical love between two people, Joyce And Justin. The story takes place in Dublin, where Joyce lives and Justin comes for a seminar. Series of tragedies happen to Joyce and after those, she possesses some memories that are not hers. Also, she begins to talk about subjects that she doesnt even hear about. At the same time, Justin suffers from his broken marriage and tries to recover from it.

Justin and Joyce meet coincidentally from a salon. They feel like, theres some connection between them. Even though the meeting was formal, Joyces thoughts haunt Justin. Joyces situation is same. She becomes restless. Joyce tells it to her close friends and they together investigate the reason and what they find out is incredible. Apart from Joyce and Justin, Joyces dads contribution makes the story more lively and intimate.




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