Flower Water Bowl – A Simple Interior Decoration Method

Sometimes, simple and small things bring up the beauty of a room. Here I share a simple method to decorate your room, by placing a Flower Water Bowl.

Things Needed:

1. glass bowl :

filled almost completely with clean and clear water.

Flower Water Bowl

2. Small flowers:

Eg: Asters, Bachelor Button, Blanketflower,Butterfly Weed, Coneflower,Coreopsis, Cosmos, Geranium, orglobeflower.

Flower Water Bowl

3. Perfume with flower scent

Floral Perfumes

4.Tealights (optional)

Tealights are small candles with metallic frames. We will get in scented forms also.

Small candles


Place the Water Bowl on the center of yourtable. Put the small flowers so that they float on water. Spray the perfume on water as well as flowers as it helps the aroma to spread over the room. If you are planning for a candle light dinner, then put the tealights on water along with flowers to create a romantic ambiance.
Flower Water Bowl

Note: Please keep it away from children as we have added perfume in water.


If you have got any other interior decoration ideas, do comment below.




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