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Hey, my Luvly Ladies! We all know that Dance and Music are like the two sides of a coin. Dance does everything that has been done by music to us. Dancing to our favourite songs is one of the most effective mental relaxations. For some, Dance is their career and for others, a hobby. There are approximately 5000 dance forms in the world, including tribal forms. The origin of dance is not yet confirmed and also the exact time period could not be calculated.

Nowadays, a new form of dance has been performed all over the world which is called Contemporary Dance. In this type, a fusion of different dance forms has been presented. The dance is also used as a workout methodology in urban areas. Especially, when we are low, putting your favourite music and dancing to it could make you literally happy and relaxed. Dance is mainly performed on a phase. The phase differs from dance to dance. Famous examples of dance are Ballet, Tango, Jazz, and Salsa. Like music, dance has the ability to shift our emotions.

The famous form of workout dance is Zumba dance. It is a fusion of dance and aerobics created by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. The idea behind it is to enjoy the workout. If you get bored of normal workouts and you are not able to attend continuous gym sections, Zumba will be the best option for you.

Zumba includes high-impact movements performed to high energetic music. The Zumba classes last for one hour on daily basis and it’s the best way for cardio and it focuses on body parts like abs, hands and thighs. Millions of Zumba classes have been conducted all over the world. Various DVDs for Zumba are available in the market and so you may workout from your home itself.

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