Mint Lemonade With A Twist

Hi, Luvly ladies, as you know, mint lemonades are always refreshing. But here I share the recipe of refreshing Mint Lemonade with a twist. It’s very easy and takes less time to prepare.


Recipe Of Refreshing Mint Lemonade With A Twist In It

















1. Sliced Lemon – 2 pieces

2. Mint Leaves. – 4

3. Crushed Ginger – 1 teaspoon

4. Water – 3 glasses

5. Sugar – 3 tablespoons

6. Ice Cubes. – 4



The twist comes when we add the ginger. Ginger is the best ingredient to clean your tummy and has got many health benefits.

Blend Ginger and Mint leaves by adding Water and Sugar 2o seconds.

Add Lemon pieces into the mixture and blend for another 3 seconds.

Filter the remains and serve the most refreshing Mint Lemonade by adding Ice Cubes.




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