The Lost Symbol

Review Of The Best Seller Lost Symbol By Dan Brown.











When the word Book comes to my mind, the first name flashes out is The Lost Symbol. The Lost Symbol is an amazing novel written by Dan Brown. Like other Dan Brown novels, the central character in this novel is Robert Langdon. All of the former Dan Brown novels dealt with controversial subjects but this is really a philosophical book yet a thriller. According to me, its an eye opener and as the name implies, the book contains the facts or wisdom that we, people, lost somewhere in time.

The complete story takes place in Washington DC. Robert Langdon gets an invitation from his mentor, Peter Solomon and also he asks Mr. Lagdon to bring a package which helps to find a way to lost word. When he arrives the place, Robert Langdon gets to know that he has been tricked by Solomon’s kidnapper Mal’akh. Even National Security finds Mal’akh as a threat and helps Mr. Langdon to deal with Mal’akh.

Mal’akh destroy’s Mr. Solomon’s sister Ms. Katherine Solomon’s laboratory. Katherine escapes from the place and meets Langdon along with National Security. They together find secrets about Mal’akh and the way to lost word. Ladies, you must, must, and must read it once in your life.



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